Trade & Bank Reference Form
Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
CRT-61:  Illinois Certificate of Resale
Sales Tax - We are required by law to collect state sales tax for California, Illinois, Minnesota,
Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin, plus any applicable county, local, or district
taxes in those states.  If you are tax exempt, please submit your certificate for our files.  If you
are located in any other state, you are responsible for any applicable sales and/or use tax.
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Can I pickup merchandise from Focus Poly's warehouse?
Yes.  A dock is always available for easy in and out service.  We may even have other new items you may be interested as well,
so please stop by the warehouse to take a look.    

What is "mil" or "micron" thickness?
A "mil" is a unit of thickness equal to one thosandth of an inch.  To convert to mil to inches, take mil & divide by 1,000.
To convert mil to micron, 1 mil = 25.4 micron.

How do I know how thick my plastic bag should be and what I need?
Consideration should be made on the size of the item, as well as its weight.  A heavy, medium sized item would require a
thicker gauge than a light large-size item.  If the item is delicate or easily scratched, use a thicker gauge.  If you intend to reuse
the bag, we suggest a bag of at least 1 mil.  Feel free to contact us and we can help you choose the product you need.

Do you offer volume discount?
The more you order, the more you save.  Please contact our sales professionals at 847-981-6890 or email:  
adam@focuspoly.com for information on large volume orders.  We will help you determine if placing a volume order is best for
your needs.

Can I order custom print T-shirt bags?
Yes!  There is a minimum order for custom print T-shirt bags.  Price and availability are determined based on the size, gauge,
and colors.  Please call (847) 981-6890 or email:  adam@focuspoly.com to speak to one of our sales representatives.

What is a gusseted bag?
A gusset is a triangle shaped fold on both side of the bag.  It is considered to be the depth of a bag.  For example, a bag with a
measurement of 12" x 6" x 21 means that there are 3 inch folds on one side of the bag, giving it 6 inch in total.  The depth of the
bag would therefore be 6 inch on either side.

What is HDPE?
High density polyethylene.  A bag of HDPE is usually identified with a triangle with a number 2 in the middle.  A HDPE bag is
non-porous, non-stretchable, and thinner than a bag of LDPE characteristics.  It has less clarity than LDPE and more
vulnerable to punctures and tears.  It is suitable for general use and is great for recycling!

What is LDPE?
Low density polyethylene.  A bag of LDPE is usually identified with a triangle with a number 4 in the middle.  A LDPE bag is
porous and stretchable.  A bag of LDPE will generally have good clarity.  An LDPE bag is also suitable for general use and
great for trash liners.

What is BOPP?
Biaxially oriented polypropylene.  BOPP sheets are great for clear bags.  When polypropylene is biaxially oriented, it becomes
crystal clear and serves as an excellent packaging material for items that need super clear transparency.  

Can you provide me with information on plastic bag recycling?
Absolutely!  Read up on how to recycle plastic bags in your area and facts on plastic vs paper.  Did you know that 90% of
Americans reuse their plastic bags?  Did you know that it takes seven trucks to deliver paper bags but only one truck is needed
for the same number of plastic bags?  Know the facts... be informed.  See the below websites & links:
Reuse, Reduce, & Recycle !

Plastic Bag Recycling.org -- find plastic recycling drop off locations in your area
City of Chicago - Chicago plastic bag recycling program & ordinance
Illinois Lake County Plastic Bag & Film Recycling  -- Solid Waste Agency of Lake County IL.  Where to recycle & guidelines
American Chemistry Council --  Information on recycling bags & wraps from the Progressive Bag Affiliates (PBA)
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources -- for WI residents on how to handle used plastic shopping bags
99 Reuses for Plastic Bags  -- Keep your home's plastic parade under control by giving bags another chance